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February 16, 2017
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Top 10 Translation software

After years of working in the translation field we know a quite a bit about the best software to use for translating documents. We also asked our translators what software they prefer and we put together a top ten list of the software they prefer with some of the main features that each of them boast.


This software works with 77 languages for approximately half the price of other translation software, Babylon’s offer is not only accessible, but comes too with a great translation precision and gives you the possibility of working from your email or any app you choose. Because of how easy it is to use and its precision translating, Babylon is on the top when it comes to choosing the best.
It recognizes automatically the language input to translate, making it especially convenient if you work with people all around the world. Babylon has a strong grammar corrector so your text will look as professional as possible. It too includes dictionaries and glossaries specialized by subject, and they start to form with the software’s intelligent memory.


It can be activated by voice command and, even though it is not compatible with MAC, it has a wide variety of functionalities and it accepts a wide range of file extensions, including the most popular business products of Microsoft. It works with 13 languages.
One of the functions that characterize this software is “Hover Translation”, it works when we take our cursor over a word of our original text, it automatically shows how the translation would be. It too counts with the ability of turning text to voice, helping you to correct the pronunciation of the words, moreover, you can talk to your computer and Power Translation will turn your words to text.
The manufacturer of this software, LEC, counts with 20 languages that can be combined, creating up to 300 combinations of languages. Offering packages of only one language up to multi-language packages according to your needs.


There are versions of this program that cover up to 16 languages, it counts with a wide amount of functionalities and it accepts a lot of file extensions. PROMT is easy to use and it can translate an entire website as well as it can translate only two lines, but it does not automatically identify the language input.
It has specialized dictionaries that can be chosen by subject, for example, the word “burner” has a meaning if we are translating a cooking book, and it can have a totally different one if we are translating a chemistry essay.


More than being a solution able to handle multiple languages without representing a major inversion, this is an app like no other, one of the most important aspects is the security.
While most language and translation apps function through an online module, Personal Translator does it locally, only from your computer. It doesn’t need to be connected to the internet to translate your documents and your information never leaves your computer during the translation process, making it faster and more secure. Other of the advantages of this software is that it comes with a bundle of dictionaries with over 4 million words with examples in context, allowing the words with multiple meaning to be translated more precisely.


This software handles a total of 15 languages that can be mixed and combined, making 53 pairs of languages that translate one another. Each language is available for purchase. The company also offers programs of 10 multi-language packages like the Systran Business Translator.
It automatically recognizes the language to be translated and has the option, like all the best translation software, to translate complete files and folders at the same time, and an automatic spelling corrector to ensure that your original document has no errors. It counts too with the “Do Not Translate” option so that foreign phrases and names won’t be translated


This software provides useful tools to improve communication in a large number of businesses, as long as the languages you use are contained in the limited language package it brings.
Working in a translation project from any program in the Microsoft Office package is simple with IdiomaX, if you are writing a memo in English, you can send it as an Outlook email in Spanish. You can create a report in English in Word or Excel, save it and send it in French. You can even put together a PowerPoint presentation, save the English version and send it in Italian.
You also have the option to translate a complete web page easily, just copy the URL of the page in the IdiomaX application and you can get the content in English. The disadvantage of this software is that it offers a very limited amount of languages, only five. If French, Italian or Spanish are the languages you work with, IdiomaX can be very useful.


Cute Translator

With 53 languages and 20 specialized dictionaries at a low price, Cute Translator is an excellent choice for basic use. This translator comes with a few “assistant” options that include a magician, a robot, a bird and a genius. Beyond the name “cute”, the “assistant” characters are a simple and useful tool for a basic translation. From the 53 languages it handles, 11 has the option to convert text to voice, helping to correct the pronunciation. If your needs are basic, this translator may be ideal.
You need to be connected to the Internet to access the translation and do not translate entire web pages.


Word Magic

Translates only English and Spanish. American English and British and Mexican and European Spanish, so the accuracy when translating is high. This degree of specification of the language, allows to communicate of the most appropriate way according to the area you are working in.
Includes a list of 50 thousand proper names, cities and countries with their corresponding gender. You also have the option to pronounce words or phrases to help speak the language more fluently. It receives voice commands and recognizes the command language, a tool that few translators have. It also has a dictionary with photographs to achieve a translation as accurate as possible.



NeuroTran can translate from simple words or phrases to books, web pages, emails, faxes and many other documents. 99 languages is the large amount offered by this software in its basic, standard and Pro versions. It includes several languages that most applications do not offer, Welsh, Yiddish and Maori. You can buy the languages you will use.
It has several interesting functionalities, the translation is handled sentence by sentence and the translator understands which is the subject, verb and complement of each one. This helps to make the translation more accurate. It also has specialized dictionaries to contextualize any project you are working in.


Clownfish is a free Skype extension that allows automatic translation of chat conversations with Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Babylon, Promt and SysTran, plus a spell checker for more than 50 languages, text-to-speech converter to read the Messages with artificial voice, Menu to send emoticons and drawings ASCII, recording of calls and more.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the different translation software available to translators. All of them are equally good. Also if you should need professional translation or transcription services at very affordable rates Please CLICK HERE

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