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The factors that Gsolex Translation Services considers when translating.

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December 21, 2016
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January 17, 2017
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The factors that Gsolex Translation Services considers when translating.

We receive and deliver hundreds of translations every day. At Gsolex Translation Services we know that minding our tongues -all tongues- will be beneficial for everyone.
A good translation must convey the same meaning of the source language to the target language, it’s imperative that no ideas are lost or added.
In this article we will share some of the factors we take into account when translating your documents. So you see what makes our translation services great:

1. Vocation and professionalism:

We as professional translators must convince ourselves that performing these tasks is an integral part of satisfying our clientele. This can become a tedious activity for an ordinary person due to all the work involved. In addition, we must always take into account which are the conditions of job and the budget of the client, so that our customers’ requirements are always met. This results in both parties being satisfied and in full compliance with our commitment.

2. Disposition and Time:

Providing the best quality when translating is the daily purpose of Gsolex Translation Services. But to meet this goal it is necessary that our team of professionals have the time they need to complete the job. By this we mean two things:

• Our clients should be able to give reasonable time frames, even more so when payment is not urgent, because working under pressure for the same amount of money may not be attractive. At Gsolex Translation Services we offer full translation of our documents in 12 hours or less.

• Translators should be able to organize their time so that they can meet the delivery dates established in the agreement with clients or agencies. This is very important because our customers count on our efficiency. At Gsolex translation services we always meets our delivery times.

3. Interest in research:

Sometimes the translation content is of a very specific subjects and area of knowledge. To ensure that the terminology used is correct, Gsolex Translation Services professionals carry out an exhaustive investigation. This is why, we are constantly improving our knowledge base, so that we are able to translate any type of specialized or technical document.

4. Document review:

It is always recommended that the translator review each translated document in order to identify any possible errors. This can be done by the person who translated the content. Yet it is not recommended because by being so familiar with the project it is common for a translator to overlook mistakes in grammar and vocabulary. This is exactly why at Gsolex Translation Services we have several levels of Proofreading, and we guarantee quality translations in record time.

5. Reference Material:

Having access to reference material such as dictionaries or encyclopedias is of great importance as they can be of support when the translator is looking for a greater variety of words to guarantee the quality of the translated content, so as not to be repetitive and that it is faithful and exact when conveying the message of the original.

If it is quality and punctuality that you are looking for when translating your documents, our professionals will guarantee it. To know more about Gsolex Translation Services, we invite you to visit our about us page.

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