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February 10, 2017
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March 1, 2017
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Defining the process of proofreading is not a simple task, there is not a single term in Spanish for it, but we can say, as an opinion, that it is a multi-stage process:

  • The first is the editing of the text. Here the original is compared with the translation, then revised and when all major or structural changes are made, if necessary.
  • The analysis of the choice of terms would be the next step, here we determine if the correct terminology is being used and we correct any errors of this kind.
  • Proofreading is the next stage, it is a monolingual correction, we do not compare the texts. It seeks to improve the natural flow of the translated text, it’s similar to when a teacher corrects students writing, we are mainly looking for typographical errors and to catch anything that the translator might have missed.

This is why proofreaders are usually professionals with a higher level of education than the translator, with a wider knowledge not only of the language but of the subject. It is estimated that the fees of proofreaders are higher than those of the Translators. The post-translation stage is extremely important because it guarantees that the translation has no errors and that the documents will not be rejected because they are inaccurate, misunderstood or misinterpreted.
Learning to translate takes years of study and practice. Even writing correctly in the native language requires training well beyond the basic education. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut we can take to translate documents accurately. Like heart surgeries, plumbing fixtures, airplane piloting, high-precision professional translation (and professional post-editing of machine translation) must be left to the experts.

And at GSolex translation services, we are experts at translating many types of documents; Whether they are technical, scientific, legal, medical or any other.  So don’t wait let us help with your translation today.




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