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We offer services that cover everything from basic knowledge for that once in a lifetime trip, to extensive immersion programs generating high levels of linguistic fluency. We have a multitude of programs from very basic to highly advance communication to fit our client’s individual goals and needs. We have designed our programs to help you learn the right words in the right way.

Linguistic Professionals

We have years of experience helping students, parents, educational institutions, corporations, and travelers learn and develop fluency in many languages.

  • “Always hard to find excellent translators from Tamil to English that wouldn’t want to charge me half of my salary for a single-page translation. These guys saved me, also sending me back an excellent product, with a friendly attention I will remember for my next time.”
    Samadhi (Sri Lanka)
  • "A great team specialized in several areas of knowledge. That allows me to send them any kind of documents and trust that I will receive a final product 100% accurate. I don’t have to look around when I’m in need for a translation.”
    George (Brisbane, Australia)
  • “Serious people to take into consideration when you need migration papers properly translated for all the procedures in USA or even the European Union. Flawless and accurate translation from my nationality papers. Really appreciate the treatment I received.”
    Johannes (Falun, Sweden)
  • “A quick note to remark how wonderful they are in transcribing. A large and lousy quality recording was quickly transformed into something useful and where I could read what they were talking about. It helped me a lot for the doctoral thesis I was writing, and the promptitude of the response, the deliverance of the complete transcription, and the price, are really something unbeatable.”
    Patricia (Colorado Springs, CO)
  • “Thank you very much for the excellent work you provided me. I was in a hurry with some business documentation that needed to be translated, and solved my problem like magic. 12 hours after reaching them, I had the translated version in my mail, at a highly reasonably price. Truly the best price/quality offer I have ever had.”
    María Celeste (Honduras)


One on One and Group Lesson

At Gsolex we offer our students the possibility to to take lessons on a one on one basis.Or if you prefer we also offer group classes.

Native Speaking Instructors

We understand the importance of learning the language form someone who not only understand it but also has felt and lived it

Real Talk for Real Life Situations

Although we do offer to extensive immersion programs. We also offer basic crash courses that are based on real life speech and situations

Improve your Writing

We understand the importance of being able to convey your ideas precisely, whether it be for resumes or cover letters of for just general improvement of your knowledge base


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