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The factors that Gsolex Translation Services considers when translating.
January 5, 2017
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We are a company with a team of professional and highly qualified translators who can translate your documents from and to any language. We can also guarantee they will be accepted by official government entities of the United States; an advantage that only we can offer.

Our certified translators work efficiently, and our offer is that we’ll have your documents ready in 12 hours or less and the quality of the translation is always assured.

Your documents will go through a series of revisions and proofreadings before being delivered, taking in to account every possible detail.

A Gsolex translation service invites you to get to know our outstanding services:

Certified Birth Certificate Translation:

: We receive and complete hundreds of requests for CERTIFIED BIRTH CERTIFICATE TRANSLATIONS. We have built an extensive network that allows us to offer quality translation services with prompt delivery and at affordable rates. Our experience has provided us with the capacity to quickly identify the requirements of each translation received.

Certified Marriage Certificate Translation:

To qualify for a marriage visa or American residence, you must have your Certified Marriage Certificate translated. Avoid being rejected by agencies and institutions because of inaccurate translations. Gsolex translation services has an acceptance rate of 100% by the United States citizenship and immigration services of (USCIS) and other government institutions..

Certified Death Certificate Translation:

Dealing with the death of a loved one is a difficult process, and is more complicated when there is a language barrier involved in the paperwork. To avoid the delay of months or years to manage inheritance and other family matters, you can count with Gsolex translation services, we are here to help you. 100% guarantee of acceptance by the United States citizenship and immigration services of (USCIS) and the United States authorities, as well as international governmental institutions.

General Translation:

To be able to communicate with customers, colleagues, friends or relatives in their native language is crucial to any business, Gsolex translation services guarantees that your content will be translated professionally, at affordable prices and in record time. We can translate automotive and aerospace, medical, engeneering, marketing and media, tourism, scientific and academic, software and IT, mobile applications, gaming, business and finance, resumes, Ad words and banners, patents and anything you need.

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