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Certified Birth Certificates

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Many government offices often require certified translations of birth, marriage and death certificates, as well as other immigration documentations, such as customs documents, visas and passports. Employers, businesses, and other offices may also request Professional Legal translations of your recommendation letters, medical records or financial documents.

For these purposes, our teams offer translations in more than 350 languages. If your translation needs require you to meet any specific formalities and/or stipulations, it’s as simple as letting us know. We will follow all governmental or institutional requirements in detail to suit your requirements; we will just need to know what the intended purpose of the translation is. This way we can ensure the right certification is being provided.


We are specialized and dedicated linguistics professionals. We have over 50 years of combined translation, transcription and localization experience. Our know-how includes strong management that has been working in the translation and transcription field since 1998. Our linguistic team is comprised of hundreds of professionals that are not only well versed, but experts in many areas, such as legal, medical, technological, financial, engineering, scientific, etc.

Combined years



We have taken great care to build and maintain a reliable process, that makes working with us not only simple, but the best choice. Our mission is to provide our clients with the ideal service solution. We work extremely hard to enhance positive and beneficial relationships with our clients, staff and vendors. We constantly strive to raise standards within the language services we provide. We determine what your needs are, what suitable solutions we can offer and what options will allow us to exceed your expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the translation process at GSOLEX work?

Our translation process is uniquely engineered to not only provide our clients with a clear understanding of the content they are having translated but rather to ensure its correctness and completeness.

In order to do so, we have developed a system that allows us to verify quality and produce a top notch service.

How long will it take to receive my translation?

The turnaround time depends largely on the volume of text and languages involved,
A delivery date will be provided before proceeding, and should the standard turnaround time not meet your requirements.

We can usually offer other “rush” service options to expedite your request.

Can you guarantee the quality of my translation?

Yes. Our project management team makes sure that each one of our clients receives individualized service, no matter how big or small a request is. Quality and customer care are part of our core values, and have driven us to create a client tailored process that ensures not only quality work but service as well. Additionally, our multistep process helps streamline quality and eliminate any inconsistencies from our work.

Where should I send my document(s)?

It’s simple. You can submit your document(s) for translation through the following methods: By uploading your files directly on our site, or by email, fax, regular mail or even hand delivery to our offices. Keep in mind that uploading is the fastest method to get your request processed.

We can usually offer other “rush” service options to expedite your request.

Our proven system includes:

  • The document is translated by a highly qualified linguist;
  • That translation is sent to a bilingual  editor for proofreading;
  • The feedback from the proofreader is conveyed to the original team;
  • A final translation file is sent out  to formatting (desktop publishing) team;
  • The formatted or recreated file is sent to a 3rd linguist to verify the file was not corrupted during formatting;
  • Our Project Manager reads through it for additional comprehension purposes;
  • Its sent to the client for review, once approved;
  • The final file is certified for the client.

Happy Customers

Maria Celeste

“Thank you very much for the excellent work you provided me. I was in a hurry with some business documentation

that needed to be translated, and Gsolex.com solved my problem like magic. 12 hours after reaching them, I had

the translated version in my mail, at a highly reasonably price. Truly the best price/quality offer I have ever had.”

(Falun, Sweden)

“Serious people to take into consideration when you need migration papers properly translated for all the procedures

in USA or even the European Union. Flawless and accurate translation from my nationality papers. Really appreciate

the treatment I received.”

(Brisbane, Australia)

"A great team specialized in several areas of knowledge. That allows me to send them any kind of documents and

trust that I will receive a final product 100% accurate. I don’t have to look around when I’m in need for a translation.”

(Colorado Springs, CO)

“A quick note to remark how wonderful they are in transcribing. A large and lousy quality recording was quickly

transformed into something useful and where I could read what they were talking about. It helped me a lot for

the doctoral thesis I was writing, and the promptitude of the response, the deliverance of the complete transcription

and the price, are really something unbeatable.”

(Sri Lanka)

“Always hard to find excellent translators from Tamil to English that wouldn’t want to charge me half

of my salary for a single-page translation. These guys saved me, also sending me back an excellent

product, with a friendly attention I will remember for my next time.”

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